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Pittsburgh Landscape Lighting Enriches Your Backyard Enjoyment

Spending time in your backyard with family and friends can be enriched even more when you add Pittsburgh landscape lighting. Grilling on the deck, entertaining by the pool, relaxing in the garden and watching the kids play in the yard can happen after the sun sets with a custom landscape lighting plan from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburgh.

Here is what we have done for some of your Pittsburgh neighbors who are enjoying their backyard spaces even more with the addition of landscape lighting ….

PATIO & DECK LIGHTING – Landscape lighting on your patio or deck can be installed in zones to give you the best access in particular areas. More lighting may be needed around the food prep area and dining area but softer light around a sitting area. We use a combination of outdoor lighting fixtures and effects to accomplish this goal.

We have many different techniques we can utilize for deck lighting. Of course you will want post lighting to ensure safe footing for nighttime use. We can also use copper post lights on your deck close to the areas where you eat and relax. If you have your hot tub or spa on your deck, we can put extra lighting around that area.

Does your patio have mature landscaping around it or just a beautiful paved path? Either way, we have lots of options for lighting your Pittsburgh patio. If your patio is surrounded by landscaping, we can install lights between the landscaping and the patio. This way you get the best of both worlds with increased visibility for both your patio and your flower beds or shrubs. No landscaping around your paver patio or hardscape? That’s not a problem. Our path lights are beautiful, strong, and are the perfect way to guide your family and guests to your favorite outdoor living space.

Do you have a pergola, gazebo or maybe an open porch? Being able to enjoy those spaces only during the day would be a crime. We have many lighting options for these spaces. We can mount lighting under your pergola or open porch. We can also illuminate the posts and architectural features allowing you to enjoy looking at the space as much as living on it.

Pittsburg Deck with Outdoor Lighting patio lighting by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Pittsburg Pittsburg Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

FOCAL LIGHTING – Focal lighting can be used to highlight a sculpture, creating a centerpiece in your yard or turn a dark corner into the perfect relaxing space. Our outdoor lighting fixtures come in a variety of beam spreads to give off the right amount of ambiance for your spaces.

There are many techniques that can be used when designing outdoor lighting. If you have your Pittsburgh outdoor lighting done right, we will not illuminate everything. Good outdoor lighting design includes selecting the right elements to illuminate. This is especially important if you have a large yard or extensive landscaping.

You’ll see below that the sculpture is illuminated as a focal item. That illumination picks up the vining surrounding the sculpture as well as the texture of the wall behind. With the lattice trellis, several different techniques could have been used to illuminate the trellis including shining a broad and bright spotlight across the lattice panels. The down lights allow the viewer to enjoy the multiple panels and the unique design with this trellis lighting.

The pergola lighting accentuates the pergola rafters as well as the hammock itself. Pergolas are all about shade patterns and why lose that opportunity at night. The creative down lighting creates great patterning on the deck. The hammock is illuminated to ensure you can enjoy the space and the great shade patterns from your relaxed swinging and resting position.

Focal Lighting example in Pittsburg PA trellis lighting design Outdoor spotlighting design

POOLS & BACKYARD PLAY – Our clients often tell us how much they enjoy their backyard during the day and would like to continue to use it more efficiently at night. That is exactly what Pittsburgh landscape lighting can do for you. From pool areas to playgrounds to perfectly quiet places, subtle landscape lighting can extend the time you can use your backyard after the sun goes down.

As you see with the poll lighting below, the pool also includes a beautiful water feature which is not lost with the lighting design. Pool lighting can be as much about swimming as it is about enjoying the area surrounding and incorporated into the pool. In the center image below, you’ll see a path along with the ultimate outdoor seating wall. With this lighting design, it’s important to get there safely with path lighting and fully enjoy the seating with illuminating the seating area.

To the right below, you’ll see playground lighting. This Pittsburgh home had a fabulous children’s playset and the kids wanted to enjoy their swings, slides and clubhouse throughout the day and the night. Voila! This clever lighting design allows the kids to enjoy their entire play area while the parents can safely watch them play because of the ample-enough illumination.

Waterfall lighting on rocks - Outdoor lighting Garden lighting design Moonlighting illuminates a play area

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – These are just a few of the ways Pittsburgh landscape lighting can enrich your backyard enjoyment. Every job we do is custom designed for that client, their spaces and they way they want to enjoy them. We can do the same for you. Give us a call for a free consultation and let us help enrich your experiences. (412) 787-5439

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