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Residential Outdoor Lighting that lasts

Outdoor lighting is all about the effect and the mood it creates on your home and outdoor spaces but that doesn’t mean we skimp on our fixtures. The proof is in the details: high-quality fixtures, bulbs that deliver the best effect and the thickest wire used in the outdoor lighting industry.

Our accent lighting fixtures are made from copper and brass so they will not corrode, chip or peel like aluminum or other metal fixtures. They age beautifully to a patina finish to blend in naturally with your landscaping. See how we’ve lit some of Pittsburgh’s most beautiful outdoor living spaces.

Architectural Lighting

Architectural Lighting is used to highlight a home and bring out its unique textures and details. Placed around entryways and arches, columns and peaks, this type of lighting decorates, highlights and accentuates.

Outdoor lighting in Pittsburgh PA Outdoor and landscape lighting in Pittsburgh
Outdoor Lighting Enhances Outdoor Spaces Residential outdoor lighting
Architectural Lighting enhances homes in Pittsburgh home outdoor lighting
Pittsburgh Outdoor Lighting illuminates your home Outdoor lighting on Pittsburgh home
Outdoor lighting illuminates architectural textures Outdoor lighting for homes in Pittsburgh
Architectural textures are illuminated by outdoor lighting Outdoor Lighting highlights the beauty of Pittsburgh home

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting brings your trees, shrubs, flower beds and garden come alive at night. It adds drama, color, and warmth to your home.

Tree lighting Tree highlighted by outdoor lighting uplighting
Landscape Lighting highlights pergola Path lighting illuminates Pittsburgh walkway

Pathway Lighting

Pathway Lighting guides your guests to the heart of your home while also increasing safety and security.

Path lighting safely illuminates stairs Path lighting displays colors
Path lighting highlights stepping stones Path Lighting makes walkway safe and highlights beauty

Patio and Deck Lighting

Patio and Deck Lighting allows you to use your outdoor living spaces long after the sun goes down.

Patio lighting highlights surrounding trees Outdoor lighting illuminates patio and surrounding trees
Deck lighting illuminates stairs and surrounding landscape Deck Lighting illuminates surrounding trees

Pool Lighting

Pool Lighting creates a safe backyard oasis that can be enjoyed all night long.

Pool lights for safety and beauty Pool Lighting and Landscape Lighting enhance beauty and functionality
Outdoor lighting includes patio lighting and landscape lighting to highlight safety concerns and enhance beauty Landscape lighting and pool lighting

Holiday Outdoor Lighting

Spread the cheer this holiday season by letting us design, install, remove and store your holiday outdoor lighting.

holiday outdoor lighting including landscape lighting Holiday lighting including wrapping with wreaths and garland wrapped pillars
Outdoor holiday lighting design to enhance home beauty during holiday season Holiday lighting at night
Outdoor Holiday Lighting design as the sun sets Outdoor holiday landscape lighting
Home outdoor lighting design enhances home at night Holiday outdoor lighting enhances the architecture of this home
Outdoor lighting for the holidays with peak lighting Roofline lighting decorates for Holidays
Roofline lighting for holiday lighting design Holiday outdoor lighting design and installation

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